Academic Excellence

  1. The vision, mission and goals, objectives and strategies for achieving the study program show clear directions regarding the conditions of the study program that are expected in the future.
  2. The study program quality assurance mechanism is based on the graduate school quality assurance.
  3. Public interest in the study program has increased along with the increase in the need for the qualifications
  4. The students come from various provinces in Indonesia, both Java and outside Java. Therefore, it quickly gives influence to the regions. 
  5. The average graduates’ GPA is relatively high (average 3.74) with a tendency to increase and the number of cumlaude graduates with a study period under 2 years (24 months) reaches 33%.
  6. The formation of alumni and student associations (AAM) as a medium for the alumni communication spread throughout Indonesia even in Ghana, Ethiopia, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Thailand. 
  7. Many graduates have held significatnt and important positions in their workplace.
  8. Lecturers who are recruited are experts in their fields.
  9. Monitoring the activities of lecturers in the teaching and learning process is conducted periodically through a check sheet / check list that is updated every time the learning process is carried out.
  10. Available lecture guidelines include curriculum books, syllabus, academic rules, and the guidance of the preparation of the final assignment and thesis
  11. The curriculum content has been adjusted to the competencies expected by the graduates.
  12. Adequate facilities to support the implementation of PPM are available.
  13. Collaboration with stakeholders that enables research and community service are conducted.