Technology and Vocational Education master’s program of YSU was established since the 1981/82 academic year. The study program was developed by the lecturers who are Professor and Doctor of Technology and Vocational Education nationally and internationally so that it excels in research, development, and application of science in the field of technology and vocational education. Since 2011, the study program has received A predicate three times from BAN-PT.

Until the beginning of 2018, 1000 students spreading throughout Indonesia and several Asian countries who are ready to answer the demands of vocational education as instructors, researchers, developers, and managers of vocational, vocational, and professional education throughout Asia have graduated from this study program. The slogan of "It 's more than just a degree" is realized in the form of interactive education that is rich in learning experience to grow the capability of graduates to conduct and publish research results in national and international journals, pioneering, developing, managing collaborative networks