4 UNY Postgraduate Students Receive Erasmus + Scholarships


4 UNY Postgraduate Students (S2 and S3) Abd. Aziz Bouty (S3 Technology and Vocational Education), Vici Syahril Chairani (S2 Technology & Vocational Education), Fendy Wijarwanto (S2 Mechanical Engineering Education), and Mashudi (S2 Family Welfare Education) have completed academic activities (research and lectures) on the International program. Student Mobility held at Technische Universitat Dresden (Germany) for 3 months (April - June 2019), with funding sources in the form of scholarships from ERASMUS +. The ERASMUS program itself is a student exchange program in the European Union which was founded in 1987 and is part of the EU Lifelong Learning Program and is an operational framework of the European Commission's initiative for higher education.

Previously, these four students were successfully selected to take part in the International Student Mobility Program in collaboration between Yogyakarta State University (Indonesia) and Technische Universitat Dresden (Germany) through a selection conducted by the UNY Postgraduate collaboration program for postgraduate and doctoral students from the PTK Study Program, PTM , PTE, and PKK which are within the scope of the Postgraduate Program of YSU.

While at the Technische Universitat Dresden (Germany), students carry out various academic activities. For S2 students attending lectures, seminars, together with other international students, likewise for S3 students together with other international students attending doctoral collegium, workshops, seminars, and guidance on writing research / dissertation proposals. Some other supporting activities such as German language courses, and visits to the CPI and Berufschüle are to see firsthand the learning process at vocational schools in Germany.

During the implementation, the program was coordinated directly by the Head of the Technology and Vocational Education Study Program Prof. Dr. Mochamad Bruri Triyono, M.Pd with Prof. Thomas Koehler who is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education (Erziehungswissenschaften) Technische Universitat Dresden.

By joining this program can provide experience to students, see firsthand how the implementation of vocational programs in developed countries, especially in Germany, which is known to be very successful in carrying out dual system programs, so that it is expected to increase student understanding of vocational practices that can later be developed be research that supports vocational education in Indonesia. (aziz / ant)